Friday, November 25, 2005

Error Charged to Democrat Governor

You'd think you'd know if you were drafted by a Major League Baseball team, right?

Well, it seems Democrat Governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, frequently mentioned as a potential nominee for President, only recently realized that he has been falsifying his biography. Actually, he only"realized" it when the Albuquerque Journal uncovered his lie and informed him the jig was up.

"After being notified of the situation and after researching the matter ... I came to the conclusion that I was not drafted by the A's," he [Governor Richardson] said.

Of course, because of Gov. Richardson's political affiliation, this will be ignored by the MSM or, if it must come up, be treated as a simple misunderstanding. But imagine the howls, Saturday Night Live sketches, and calls for resignation if the fellow was of another party.