Wednesday, July 01, 2020

A Few Open Letters

Printed below is just a small sample of the 73 cards and letters written at Monday night's letter-writing party. You can find out more about the event here but, as I promised, I'm giving you a few of those letters in hopes you'll start developing your own part in shining God's truth through letters. Here we go...

1) Dear Ken & Joni (Tada),

It’s another letter-writing party for Vital Signs Ministries and when we start thinking about Kingdom saints we want to send along thanks and an “atta boy” or two, you two are always at the top of the list.  We are so grateful for your orthodoxy – in precept and in passionate, practical action.  Stay the course!

Similar expressions were sent by several of Monday night's participants to Franklin Graham, Tim Tebow, President Trump, Senator Sasse, Supreme Court Justice Thomas, and more.

2) To the Disney corporation.

 In context of these two articles:

DROP Disney+: New teen film 'Out' features openly homosexual main character


Ducktales Reboot Shows Disney Is Working Hard to Ruin Your Childhood

Dear Disney,

What a sad shame that the Disney corporation has jumped into the madness to destroy the moral principles of Western civilization by accepting – even promoting – sexual confusion and perversion.  And to manipulate the minds and hearts of children to this nefarious end increases the tragedy.

I will continue to urge friends, family, and fellow church members to pass on all things Disney.

3) Dear Congressman Bacon,

We were a bit disappointed in your co-sponsorship of the bill to change the names of military bases in the South.  Given the pressure being created nowadays by lawless forces and the most irrational and extreme forms of “political correctness,” it seems like a poor investment of your political capital and time and energy. 

Congressman, America is being besieged by lawlessness, chaos, fear, division, and economic ruin. So please reorient your priorities accordingly and get to work on things that are the most critical.

From your (generally) robust supporters,

4) Governor Kristi Noem,

I am writing to thank you for the leadership you have shown during this pandemic and resultant panic.  Your resolve, especially in the face of hostile national media, has been very impressive.

God bless you and your efforts on behalf of the great state of South Dakota.  From your neighbor to the south (in Nebraska).


5) President Chakwera,

Our most profound congratulations for your election to the presidency of the noble nation of Malawi.  We promise to keep you in our frequent prayers, asking God to protect you, to empower you, and to bless your efforts to lead the country.  May our Lord make Malawi an intense and winsome success story.

6) Mayor Stothert,

I was very disappointed to see your endorsement for the "Pride Parade" and the displaying of their flags.  I understand you can’t stop them but you certainly didn't need to throw your enthusiastic support behind this movement which so  intolerantly denies the historic values of sexual morality, not to mention the hard (and obvious) facts of biological sciences. Please stand firm for what is right.

7) Regarding this news item --
Israel shuts down Christian TV channel in rare move

To the Ministry of Communications,

Please back off the cold-hearted cancellation of GOD TV, especially since you had to misrepresent the nature of the contract in order to defend your irresponsible action.  Very sad.  And it’s especially disappointing to me as an American evangelical whose organization (Vital Signs Ministries) and whose church (Grace Bible Church) and whose long-standing personal history has been marked by an outspoken support of Israel.

Are you purposely trying to antagonize one of the most zealous of your country’s support groups?

Come on. Please reinstate GOD TV.

8) Regarding this news item --
Blind woman banned from park for 2 years for sharing Jesus

To members of the Memorial and Library Association (Westerly Library and Wilcox Park)

Amazing! In an America that is burning with intolerance and lawlessness, the people at your park and library decided to disregard common sense, religious tolerance, and the U.S. Constitution in order to to persecute a blind woman who simply shares her faith in Jesus Christ to people who stop to talk to her.

How callous and insensitive and heavy-handed.  And how shameful.

Please make this thing right. And very soon.

And, as you would guess, a lot of letters dealt with issues of lawlessness going unchecked, voter fraud, Planned Parenthood, censorship of free speech, and so on.