Friday, December 27, 2019

Denny, How About a Little Advice?

Hey Denny,

Like most young Americans, my worldview has been severely limited and morally warped by the leftist public school system, Hollywood, and the establishment media. I'm no snowflake but I am beginning to see I need better sources of instruction. So where do I go to get some straight information as well as a bit of enlightened application about how a Christian should deal with the important issues of the day?

Signed, G--------


Dear G--------

Good question. I appreciate your honesty and desire to do something about the problem. That puts you way ahead of your peers (and most of my generation too!). So here are a few suggestions. 1) Read your Bible faithfully and frequently. Study your Bible. Think about what you read; talk to friends about it; apply it diligently.

2) Read other books. And develop a long and comprehensive view by extending your reading to such areas as theology, culture, politics, and even fiction. And, by all means, do not neglect old books. They are among the best friends you'll ever have.

3) Regarding "breaking news" and commentary -- many of my trusted friends applaud Fox News but, alas, Claire and I don't have cable TV. However, we do listen with some frequency to Rush Limbaugh but even more regularly do we check in with websites like Power Line, The Federalist,,, The Stream, BreakPoint, Town Hall, Fox News, Daybreak Insider, Family Research Council, City Journal, and, of course, items on Facebook that have been posted by other conservative Christians.

4) An even easier approach (at least to start) is to check in occasionally to Vital Signs Blog where you'll find scattered about several compilation posts that include 6-8 articles that I think are truly "cutting edge" in the culture wars.

May the Lord protect us both and lead us to truth, beauty, and holy living. Thanks for the note.