Sunday, June 02, 2019

A Prayer for the President

Praying for President Trump isn’t a new thing around here. I’m guessing it’s not new for a lot of you too. Indeed, I believe most of you can testify that you have also prayed quite often for previous presidents even as you’ve prayed for other government officials and judges. After all, Scripture is very clear about the believer’s obligation to do just that.

Nevertheless, there are reasons that Franklin Graham has asked Christians to lift up extra prayers today for the President, his family, and the successful administration of his duties as both head of state and Commander-in-Chief. And those reasons certainly include the unprecedented (and remarkably unfair) assaults which are being waged by the opposition party and the media upon President Trump and his agenda.

And so, as you read through the brief prayer below, will you please make it one of YOUR prayers today in behalf of the President.

Dear Father,

We are praying for President Trump today, asking You to pour out upon him all needed mercies regarding his health and safety, his complete confidence in Your revealed truth and the Spirit’s leading, and his need for Your wisdom, compassion, and commitment to justice as he seeks to carry out the awesome tasks before him. We pray that You bring wise advisors to his side, advisors who are persons of character, skill, and well-versed in their respective areas. But even so, Lord, let him pay careful attention to the priorities taught in Your Word.

We appreciate President Trump’s courage and we thank You for that but we pray that You would sharpen that courage and add to it humility and patience and prudence…plus a willingness to forgive his enemies even as he must defend himself against their all-too-often despicable attacks.

Father, we especially plead that President Trump finds Your divine power at work as he pursues policies that increase religious freedom, protect the sanctity of human life, champion traditional marriage, weaken the “deep state” and the unelected bureaucratic powers that threaten our democracy, stand in defense of Israel, and return America to its place as a beacon of justice and moral strength.

Lord, we ask that our President and his family members would fully understand the gracious offer of the gospel and would embrace it for eternal life…and that this administration would be used for Your purposes in awakening the nation to it’s dire need of Your truth, Your holiness, and Your merciful love.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.