Friday, June 14, 2019

A Devolution Watch (Part One)

Here’s a roundup of news articles that the mainstream media either distorts badly or, more likely, ignores altogether. But you need to know what’s going down (pun certainly intended) in order to more fervently pray, protest, and yearn for the Lord’s victorious return.

* “Pinterest bans pro-life group Live Action, blocks it as porn site; Bible verses also banned” (Leah MarieAnn Klett, Christian Post)

* “Journalist Who Exposed Planned Parenthood Ordered To Pay $195,000 To Opponents” (Amanda Prestigiacomo, Daily Wire)

* “New Texas law threatens Planned Parenthood sex-ed curriculum that normalizes child sex” (Edyta Wolk, College Fix)

* “Father Raped Teen Daughter, Took Her to Planned Parenthood for Abortion. It Did One and Sent Her Back to Him” (Lila Rose,

* “Top Execs of 180 Companies: Abortion Necessary to Be Successful in Business” (Breitbart, Dr. Susan Berry)

* “Teen Vogue Instructs Teens on How to Get Abortions Without Their Parents Knowing” (Micaiah Bilger,

* “The Planned Parenthood sex scandal you aren't reading about” (Samantha Kamman, Washington Examiner)