Monday, March 11, 2019

Monday Morning Reality Check

Here's a selection of some of the best “dispatches from the front” of the culture wars.

* “Cast Into the Outer Darkness: An Open Letter to Facebook — A Christian human rights activist and Stream contributor loses her account. Facebook rejects her appeal and walls off further communication.” (Faith McDonnell, The Stream)

* “On Christian Millennials Who Believe Evangelism is Wrong” (Chelsea Vicari, Juicy Ecumenism)

* “Kamala Harris Is Wrong. Keep the World’s Oldest Profession Illegal” (Scott Yenor, Daily Signal)

* “In Defense of Women’s Sports” (Rich Lowry, National Review)

* “Drunk Driving is a Violent Crime” (Helen Witty, President of Mothers Against Drunk Driving)

* “Boycott Girl Scout Cookies, They Partner With Groups That Promote Abortion” (Jane Chastain,

* “The Folly of Solar Energy” (John Hinderaker, Power Line)

* “Recycling Is a Waste” (Kyle Smith, National Review)