Wednesday, October 03, 2018

From the Latest Letter-Writing Party

During last night’s letter-writing party, 8 of us managed to knock out 50 letters and cards. They included (depending, of course, on the person, agency, or business thus addressed) letters of advocacy, gratitude, encouragement, and principled protest. For instance, notes were sent out to pro-life colleagues like the terrific team who minister to moms and babies through Assure Women’s Center; Lincoln sidewalk counselor heroine, Pam McCabe; and others. Several letters went to political leaders dealing with pro-life and pro-family issues. Others were sent to the President, Cabinet members, the State Department, military officials, and foreign ambassadors regarding recent examples of egregious religious persecution.

Here’s a quick sampling of the notes that I sent out.

Dear Ambassador Haley,

My, my, my!  What a breath of fresh air you are at the United Nations!  And what an example of rationality, character, and class you have brought to the job. Thank you for your wisdom and courage and grace.  You are in our frequent and fervent prayers.

Dear Senator Sasse,

Jonathan Edwards once wrote, “Resolution One: I will live for God.  Resolution Two: If no one else does, I still will.” We are praying that these resolutions will be hallmarks of your tenure in the U. S. Senate.  And thank you for the evidence to date that this is the case.

You are in our frequent prayers — especially for your leadership in promoting the sanctity of life, religious freedom, and free speech.

Dear Netflix,

Our recent consideration of signing on with Netflix was abruptly ended when we learned of the latest teen suicide related to your horrendously violent (and vile) series “13 Reasons Why.”

Please cancel this wildly irresponsible television series immediately.

Dear Judge Kavanaugh,

Just a quick note from a few of the Nebraskans who are praying for you and your brave family during these difficult days – days in which you have had to endure such injustice, vile character assassination, and undeserved anxiety and pain.  God help our nation when the primary principles of justice and civility and truth are so deplorably trashed.  Thank you – and your family – for handling this intense trial with such grace and calm.  Your example is a beacon in a dark culture!