Friday, August 11, 2017

A Quick Slice of the Slanted Media

And you still don’t believe the “mainstream media” (that near monopolistic consortium of the networks, the AP, the Democrat organs, and the giant tech manipulators like Google and Yahoo) are determined to ignore facts, fairness, and faithfulness to journalistic ethics in their rabid zeal to destroy Donald Trump? Then take a look at this review of today’s headlines of fake news from Yahoo. That’s right, just from today.

“Melania, Ivanka and Ivana Trump Wear High Heels, a Symbol of Everything That Is Beautiful and Horrifying About Them” (Newsweek)

“Do Republicans Want a Dictator? More than Half Would be Happy for Trump to Postpone 2020 Election” (Newsweek)

“Donald Trump’s Favorite Poll Gave Him Some Good News—His Approval Rating Actually Rose” (Newsweek)

“Trump's support among his base is collapsing” (Business Insider)

“The Partisan Presidency” (US News & World Report)

“45 Reasons Michelle Obama Will Always Be Our Style Icon” (PopSugar)

“Obama's Former Photographer Reminds Trump What It Looks Like to Respect Women” (PopSugar)

“Trump shares dubious Twitter poll saying he's better than Obama” (Yahoo News)

“The Gender Pay Gap in Trump's Administration Is Even Worse Than We Originally Thought” (PopSugar)

“Why Did Donald Trump Ignore Ivanka? Al Gore says President is Controlled by Carbon Polluters”

“Al Gore Has The Best Promoter Ever For His New Climate Movie — Donald Trump”

“Trump gets a folder of good news about himself twice a day” (Yahoo View)

“Photos capture Trump playing golf during 'working vacation’” (Washington Post)

“What Does Melania Trump Do at the White House?” (Newsweek)

“Trump Clearly Has No Clue How to Stop the Opioid Epidemic” (Fortune_

Trump's feud with Mitch McConnell ‘is breathtaking in its dysfunctionality’” (Business Insider)