Monday, December 19, 2016

Left Wing Gas

While the AP, the New York Times, network TV, and the rest of the old guard media are (hour by hour) pumping out progressive propaganda, you need careful, responsible news and commentary more than ever. Here’s a few articles you’ll find of great interest. Read them and pass along the information to the unfortunate low-octane, low-info Americans around you.

* “Liberals to Poor Third World Children: Drop Dead” (Steven Hayward, Power Line)

* “How Women in Media Missed the Women’s Vote” (Kay S. Hymowitz, City Journal)

* “A New Era for Abortion Law” (Alexandra DeSanctis, National Review)

* “Lost children of the revolution: Castro’s abortion legacy” (Carolyn Moynihan, Mercator)

* “Cuba cracks down on dissidents after Castro death” (Carlos Bastista, Yahoo News)

* “Navy Begins Transgender Indoctrination” (Peter Sprigg, The Stream)

* “Report: 820,000 criminal illegals, 84% with felonies, serious misdemeanors” (Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner)

* “The Bounties of Obama’s Weakness” (Jed Babbin, American Spectator)

* “The Conservative Case for Nuclear Energy” (Robert Bryce, National Review)