Monday, July 18, 2016

Speaking Out Against Planned Parenthood

Claire and I held our large, winsome pro-life signs outside the Planned Parenthood abortion mill this morning as we prayed against the ongoing slaughter of the innocents committed by the abortion industry. It's all we can do there. The abortion clients park in the back parking lot where we cannot address them directly. So, we rely on our signs, praying as we kindly wave to them that they might stop for a moment and speak to us. We also wave to all those driving by, hoping that our witness will be a blessing of truth to them that the Holy Spirit will use throughout their day.

And we sometimes get the chance to speak to employees. Today my basic message was, "You know the Bible makes it very clear that Jesus loves the little children. And the Bible also is clear that Jesus does not take at all kindly to those who hurt children. This, of course, is what Planned Parenthood does. Indeed, you guys are not only hurting kids, you're destroying them. Please, for their sakes and for the sake of your own soul, stop this violent madness. We are praying for you today to quit this terrible job and to turn to Jesus Christ who died on that cross to pay for all of our sins...all of my sins and all of yours too. But you must receive that sweet gift of salvation by turning to him in faith. Please, do this today and walk away from this wicked business."

For more information on how you can be a part of a national prayer campaign against the violent injustice of Planned Parenthood, please follow this link for details about the "3 for 5" Prayer Team.