Friday, May 08, 2015

The Lasting Impressions of a Pro-Life Witness

We received an encouraging note today from a veteran sidewalk counselor and pro-life leader who serves the cause in another part of the country. We have known and appreciated her friendship for many years.

We thought you might find her message of interest as well.

An overdue response to your March letter:

Hi Denny,

[You wrote] in your March letter — “A pro-life witness outside an abortion business insures that men and women – even those who ultimately decide to commit the abortion – will forever remember that someone was there to plead with them, “no, don’t do this.”  They will retain in the memory of their abortion experience that someone was standing up for their child…and for the mother’s spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being. That provides a tremendous incentive for repentance, a motivation to seek forgiveness and healing from the God Who delivered His Son to die for mankind’s sins.”

So true!  And here’s another thought:  I’ve wondered exactly what sort of feelings the woman will have as she remembers us, but I recently received an answer in one case at least:  I was told by the leader of a local post-abortion group that one of the women in the group said that she remembers me (her description was amazingly accurate after more than a decade) and the memory of my presence there is actually comforting  to her now.  She views it as God, in His love for her, reaching out to her even at that last minute.  That was comforting to ME, that she wasn’t allowing the memory solely to “beat her up” even more…  

Please say hi to Claire for me. 

May God continue to bless your work!