Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Did You Know You're Giving Planned Parenthood $540 Million? Every Year?

Just a quick reminder:

According to Planned Parenthood’s own accounting, the mega-abortion business scored $58.2 million in excess revenue for the year, making their net assets more than $1.3 billion. That’s right, B as in billion (not to mention base, blasphemous, and barbaric). And Planned Parenthood rakes in a big chunk of that cash from American taxpayers, like over $540 million every year now.

Remember also that Planned Parenthood’s abortion numbers remain consistently high (nearly 900 abortions every single day) despite the fact that its overall clients have substantially decreased. That doesn’t square very well with the business’ constant claims of providing health care to men and women. Indeed, under Cecile  Richards’ leadership, Planned Parenthood’s cancer screening and prevention services have been cut by more than half. And their other services, never serious enough to give much attention to, are falling off almost completely.

For instance, in that latest annual report, Planned Parenthood boasts of committing 327,166 abortion procedures in one year while only making 2,197 adoption referrals. Do the math yourself.  It works out to about 149 abortions for each single adoption referral.

No, behind all the slogans, Planned Parenthood is all about abortion. And it is being helped along substantially with your tax dollars.

Infuriating? It sure ougta’ be. So write yourCongressman and Senators. And tell your co-workers and your Sunday School class and your sweet Aunt Gertrude. It’s way past time that Planned Parenthood is denied a place at the public trough.