Monday, March 23, 2015

"When Swing Was King" for Church Groups?

Below is a letter we will soon be sending out to church leaders in our area. Read through it and see if you think your pastor should be receiving a copy.  We would be more than happy to send it along.

Or you might want it to pack a special punch by copying it off and taking it to him personally!

Dear friends,

Enclosed with this brief note is the new brochure of When Swing Was King, the popular outreach of Vital Signs Ministries to seniors.  Our audiences are primarily residents of nursing homes, assisted living centers, and other senior care centers. In fact, we do presentations of one of our 23 different volumes of When Swing Was King in 11 facilities every month!  

However, when we’re able to find the time, we do extra presentations...including shows for church groups.

That’s why we’re sending you this note; specifically, to invite you to consider a When Swing Was King presentation as a special treat for the seniors of your congregation.  At such shows, we briefly describe the purposes and methods of the ministry.  Then we present the multi-media experience of song, photographs, and interesting historical commentary which makes up When Swing Was King.  To best fit the audience and time, we sometimes create special versions.

And, just like the ministry in the nursing homes and senior centers themselves, Vital Signs Ministries presents these church programs completely free of charge. So we invite you to browse through the brochure and perhaps pass it along to some of the seniors in your congregation.  If there is interest in setting up a presentation or if you’d like any more information about When Swing Was King or Vital Signs Ministries, please let us know.

Thanks so much for your time and may our Lord continue to bless your ministry.


Denny Hartford, Director
Vital Signs Ministries

P.S. As an added feature, we enclose a brief primer on ministry to seniors recently published on Vital Signs Blog that you might find of value.