Saturday, November 08, 2014

Congratulations, Conservatives. Now What?

Here's an idea. Copy the picture above (or some creation of your own) and print it off to make “congratulation cards” to the conservatives you supported in Tuesday's elections. On the inside (or simply the back side if you go with a postcard format), tell them the four things on which you want them to press "fast and furious" as soon as they take office. (Those items, of course, will be different for the various offices your candidates won.)  And keep a copy of your card so you can refer to those priorities in your next communications.

It’s not enough to get these folks elected. Nor is it enough to applaud them (or ourselves), or feel satisfied and happy. The job of governing with principle, efficiency, and wisdom is now at hand. Our prayers, encouragement, and perseverance to keep our political representatives accountable are more important than ever.

By the way, what are the priorities I’m sending along? Well, to Ben Sasse, Joni Ernst and others heading to the U.S. Senate that I prayed for, cheered on, and supported in various ways, those priorities are:

1) The de-funding of the mega-abortion business that is Planned Parenthood.

2) Increased military might in order to better protect America from her enemies.

3) Protecting the Constitution from activist ideologues being appointed to the Supreme Court.

4) Much stronger protections against vote fraud.

In my card to those winning in Congressional races, since it is not the duty of Congress to confirm judicial nominees, I substitute #3 for “Dismantling ObamaCare."

So, what do you say? Send in your cards and letters today. We mobilized for their election. Let’s stay mobilized to insure these folks govern the way they promised.