Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Why Christian Men Should Be Taking Notes During the Sermon


Will somebody please make copies of this and pass it around the fellows at my church?

Men, as a whole, we are not good enough to remember everything that is being preached. This is an average of course. Simple reviews through my own eyes, at my own church have proven this point. Judgments? No, it’s simply truth.

What is the main topic in the message on Sunday? Write it down. What are some of the questions the pastor or speaker is asking and answering? Write those down too. What quick one-liners could you pick up for your social media updates in the coming week? You guessed it, write it down.

You might be thinking, “This sounds too hard or too involved.” That’s right men; this is called a challenge, a call, a (insert Braveheart cry here). We must challenge ourselves in our walk with God…

Let’s be honest. No, better yet, lets think about this for a minute. What will all of this extra work give us? What will writing down notes in the sermon actually do for me? Glad you asked. 

Writing down sermon notes at Church will increase your knowledge and understanding like never before. Don’t believe me? Try it. Your mind won’t be able to focus on the big game, your eyes won’t wander to the well dressed woman in front of you. You will be focused. You will be engaged. And you will be putting the information into your heart. You will become a better, no, stronger disciple for Christ…

(Taken from “3 Reasons Why Every Christian Man Should Take Sermon Notes” by Brian Van Slyke at Charisma.)