Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Attention, Nebraskans. Here's a Nifty Video Voter Guide.

Hey Nebraskans, I know it might seem early to think about next fall's election when you haven't even planted your spring flowers, but it actually is a very good time to get a line on who you want to support. After all, you want plenty of time to make an intelligent, prayerful decision and then sufficient time to spread the word to friends, family, church colleagues, and so on.

Well, the Nebraska Family Alliance, the new organization that combined the Nebraska Family Council and Family First, have an intriguing resource for you to investigate the folks running for Governor, Senator, and Attorney General. It's a video voter guide which features brief interview clips of the various candidates.

It is a very helpful resource. So, go give it a whirl and pass the link on to others.