Friday, January 31, 2014

The Week in Review

Last week was interrupted by a really bad couple of days of stomach flu and so we were praying that this week (especially since it is one of the two weeks a month when we're free from "When Swing Was King") we could get caught up. 

We did.

Claire finished sending out the 2013 tax receipts this week along with a big bunch of personal notes, thank-you cards, and other things. She worked on several other Vital Signs business matters too including the selection of a template and server for a brand new Vital Signs Ministries website. She must then transfer the material from our existing site (most of it, anyhow) onto the new one. There will be a lot of new material too, some of which I'm working on even now.

In addition, of course, Claire manages the house, the meals...and me.

After preaching Sunday morning, my week has been busy too -- Vital Signs Blog, the two morning meetings at Panera's, a meeting with a local pastor in which we talked about pro-life matters, preparing (and then delivering) talks to a couple of groups of AWANA kids, planning for Hleb Yermakou's visit to Omaha, working on the next "When Swing Was King" presentation, selecting and editing another 300 or so photographs for use in WSWK shows, creating a new promotional poster for WSWK and sending it out to the 11 facilities we now go to every month, selecting the Top Ten posts from Vital Signs Blog and sending them out, and working on the Christmas project.

What's next? Well, tomorrow, if the snow doesn't get too heavy, we will be joining friends to pray in front of the Planned Parenthood abortion mill after which I'll be working on Sunday's sermon.

It's been a good week. Productive, engaging, stimulating...and healthy!