Monday, December 02, 2013

Catching Fire? No, Just Catching Up.

Okay, we were all busy this last week: Thanksgiving activities, putting up Christmas, dramatic football games, etc. But if you're wondering what important news and commentary from the culture wars you missed in the meantime, let me give you a few links.

* Really? The Nanny State powers have gone to this level? "Child taken from womb by social services. Exclusive: Essex social services have obtained a court order against a woman that allowed her to be forcibly sedated and for her child to be taken from her womb by caesarean section." (Read the story by Colin Freeman at the Telegraph.)

* "Addison grew up fast last month. Not only did she find herself a pregnant college freshman at 17, but she found out behind the name Planned Parenthood were a bunch of folks who only wanted her to plan her parenthood if it meant killing her baby. All the ads about health care for uninsured women went right out the window. 'Choice' to these workers really meant “Choose to abort your baby or choose to stop seeing us for treatment.” (Here’s the whole story: “Planned Parenthood to Pregnant Woman: Can’t Help You w/o Abortion” by Susan Michelle over at

* "ABC Preaches the 'Gospel of Polyamory' and the Saving Power of Threesomes" by Scott Whitlock at NewsBusters.

* A posh promotion by a murder-for hire firm (abortionists) seeking to rake in big bucks from the despicably self-indulgent. That's the all-too-real horror described in this LifeNews story. ("VIP Abortions: Herbal Tea Afterward in Hillary Clinton Room" by Stacy Trasancos.)

* A young Christian woman takes off her purity ring because she’s tired of living a life of waiting. But don’t get the wrong idea. The decision was a God thing. Read “I don’t wait anymore” from the blog Grace for the Road.

* “The Chew Chef Mario Batali Donates $5,000 to Pay for Women’s Abortions.” (Lauren Enriquez,