Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Who's Scary to Liberals? The Rising Female Stars of the G.O.P.

What makes Democrats and their enabling friends in the old guard media tremble? Well, there's quite a bit actually. For instance, they're deathly afraid of a level playing field, free speech, and Christianity. Liberals also shudder at the NRA, school choice, coal, and ultrasound images of preborn children. And then there's the bugaboos of atomic energy, Fox News, the Constitution, and anything that might restrain government power.

There are also specific personalities who haunt the nightmares of progressives. Rush Limbaugh is among those boogeymen, of course, as are such fellows as Antonin Scalia, Rick Perry, Clarence Thomas, Sean Hannity, Ted Cruz and the ghosts of Charlton Heston and Ronald Reagan.

But there's a whole new wave of terror that liberals are desperate to hold at bay -- a new wave of smart, accomplished, telegenic, well-spoken women whose principles are authentic, compassionate and thoroughly conservative.

Yipes! It's no wonder the media is working overtime to mock, dismiss, distort -- and mainly ignore -- such rising G.O.P. stars.

It's not just Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter that the Dems have to worry about nowadays. They now must deal with the very engaging, very persuasive force represented by such women as a popular Hispanic governor of a blue state (Susana Martinez); a lieutenant governor of a blue state who is a cancer survivor and former TV anchor (Rebecca Kleefisch); a gorgeous blonde attorney general of Florida (Pam Bondi); a former Miss America and Harvard-trained lawyer taking aim at Congress (Erika Harold); a daughter of Cuban and Greek immigrants who is the only Republican woman elected to any office in New York City (Nicole Malliotakis); and the first female fighter pilot in American history to fly combat missions -- she flew an A-10 Warthog in more than 100 missions over Iraq -- who holds degrees from the Air Force Academy and Harvard (Martha McSally).

Oh, did I mention that these lovely, intelligent, highly effective women are all eloquent pro-life advocates too?

Now that's really something to scare liberals!

I would suggest you find out more about these (and other) up and coming Republican heroines. (Patricia Murphy's article in The Daily Beast, "Nine Women Remaking the Right" is a great start.

And then please consider what you might do to help counteract the mainstream media's unfair treatment of such Republicans. Pray for them. Think about supporting their campaigns. Talk about them, informing your friends, family and co-workers about the high quality people that are emerging from the G.O.P. ranks. In the swirl of media bias, Democrat distortions and even intransigence from certain hidebound quarters of their own party, these gals can use all the help they can get.