Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Are You On Board the Health Care Conscience Rights Act?

Back in March, I posted here an action alert about H.R. 940, the Health Care Conscience Rights Act. In that post I embedded a brief video clip which featured just a sample of the Americans who have already suffered religious discrimination from the aggressive menace of ObamaCare. I then asked you to consider writing your political representatives about enthusiastically supporting the rights of conscience by supporting the bill.

I'm repeating that request this morning and uploading again the video clip at the tail end of this post.

Listen to the stories of the folks in the clip and then write or call your Congressman asking them to co-sponsor and work heartily to make H.R. 940 into law. Also, pass the word along to friends and family, fellow church members, Facebook and other social media, and ask them to do the same.

By the way, I'm pleased to say that all of Nebraska's Congressmen are co-sponsors of the bill and they deserve your thanks. Those of you from other states can discover whether your Congressmen have signed on or not by checking out this page.