Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Humor Alert: Panel Discussion Double-Speak

Humor, when it's really good, has a bit of real-world wisdom in it. Case in point? Here's NRO's Jim Geraghty with "Comments You Hear at Every Panel Discussion, and What They Really Mean."

Panelist: "Why don't we ever talk about [topic]?"

TRANSLATION: "The moderator didn't ask about this, but it's my favorite topic, so I'm going to go on at length about it."

Panelist: "As I said earlier…"

TRANSLATION: "I am out of new material, and I think some people in the audience weren't paying attention the first time I said it."

Panelist: "If I could just jump in…"

TRANSLATION: "I'm tired of sitting here and not talking."

Audience member: "I have a three part -- well, I guess it's more of a statement than a question…"

TRANSLATION: "I should have been invited to speak on the panel and I'm miffed."

Audience member: "And one quick follow-up…"

TRANSLATION: "I am never giving back this microphone."