Monday, September 16, 2013

Have You Asked Your Politicians to De-Fund ObamaCare...Lately?

When I talk to people about making their views known to their political representatives, I often hear something like "Oh yes, I signed one of those online petitions last year" or "He knows where I stand. I sent him a letter when he was elected."

That's fine but our political reps need to hear from us frequently. After all, we need to remember that they live in a very noisy environment. The voice of their constituency can easily be drowned out by the press, the TV networks, the talk radio programs, and the endless lineup of lobbyists showing up at their office door.  Therefore, your views need to be stated clearly...and re-stated with some regularity.

It is often suggested that citizens contact their representatives once a month (or once every two months) on issues that they are especially keen on. Is that too much? Not at all -- particularly if your call or letter has a new point or additional information from your last contact. Of course, your letter, call or e-mail may only register as a single digit in an ongoing tally of pros and cons, yet even that can be of extreme importance.

So, don't just make your opinions known to the guys you meet for coffee at the donut shop. Share them with those who can make a difference.

Case in point? I'm sending e-mails to my Congressman and Senators with a copy of the photograph below AND a link to John Fund's NRO article, "Congress’s Exemption from Obamacare." You can join me (in fact, I heartily encourage you to do so) by simply copying these two URL links and sending them to your representatives too. Let's go.