Friday, August 16, 2013

Democrats Still Throwing Money to Planned Parenthood

Upon reading that one of the largest of the District of Columbia's  ObamaCare "health exchange" awards was given to Planned Parenthood ($375,000), I couldn't suppress a shudder of revulsion.

And it wasn't a revulsion of Planned Parenthood only, as cruel and corrupt a business as it is. It was a revulsion also of the political party that has, in recent decades, so lovingly aligned itself to the mega-abortion business.

The tragedy is that it just doesn't matter to Democrats that today's Planned Parenthood is still passionately intent on carrying out the racist, elitist eugenics program of its founders.

Nor does it matter that Planned Parenthood's primary business is killing hundreds of thousands of preborn boys and girls every year through its surgical abortionists and its deadly drugs.

It doesn't even matter to Democrats that Planned Parenthood is already receiving millions of taxpayer dollars every year -- even though the mega-abortion business is already dripping with abortion profits AND is proven to have been involved in criminal actions which rip off from the government millions more.

No, none of this matters. Democrat politicians still love and zealously, mindlessly support Planned Parenthood.

It's a sad fact that your Democrat friends need to be reminded of.