Friday, August 16, 2013

Randy Alcorn's Books Provide a Double Blessing

Randy Alcorn is one of the most popular Christian writers of our day and, in works of both fiction and non-fiction, he has illuminated and challenged hundreds of thousands. Indeed, nearly 7 million of his books are in print and audio formats. Therefore, I have little doubt that many of you have been inspired by such Alcorn books as Pro-Life Answers to Pro-Choice Arguments, Heaven, Deadline, Dominion, Lord Foulgrin's Letters, and Safely Home.

But are you aware that by buying a Randy Alcorn book, you are not only opening a blessing for yourself but for others as well? That’s because all of the royalties from Alcorn's books go to Eternal Perspective Ministries, the Christian organization that has long been among the finest pro-life, pro-family, pro-missions ministries around. And what does EPM then do with those royalties? Quite remarkably, they give away 100% of them to support missionaries and other Christian organizations around the world!

For instance, in just this last year, many thousands of Randy Alcorn’s books were given away to a variety of mission and para-church organizations -- as well as to individuals. Many more were sold at substantial discounts. And nearly half a million dollars from the books that were sold were given to worthy Christian ministries. In fact, the total given away since Eternal Perspective Ministries began is over six million dollars!

But that’s still not the whole story. EPM also provides their quarterly magazine for free. And they do not charge for reproducing their materials.  They are truly a remarkably generous and heavenly-minded group. So remember this when it comes time for you to buy another book – for yourself or as a gift.

Having read Randy Alcorn for years and having interviewed him several times in the days of "Vital Signs" radio programs, I can testify that his dedication as a researcher is superb and his courage in taking on subjects that other Christian authors studiously avoid is magnificent. The sales figures on his books prove that his writing and story-telling skills are first rate. And now you know that, in addition to all of these great reasons for reading Randy Alcorn, he and his EPM team’s generosity and vision for the Lord's work provide another great stimulation to get on board.

So it really is a double blessing that reading Randy Alcorn books creates. One will change and enrich your life as you read. And the second blessing is that the money you lay down for the book will be wisely invested in the Lord's work way beyond you.

By the way, Randy Alcorn books can be purchased right from the Eternal Perspective Ministries web site. It's a terrific place to learn more about the author, the EPM organization and a whole lot of very helpful information for Christians wanting to serve God to their very best.