Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Planned Parenthood Just Hates These "Remarkable Babies" Stories

Meghan Holohan at NBC News reports on some exciting discoveries about those...uh, those "intrauterine contents" that Planned Parenthood and other abortion zealots work so hard to dehumanize.

That's right -- what moral and rational people call "babies."

Expectant moms who coo and chat to their babies while they’re pregnant may be doing more than stimulating the fetus – they may be shaping their child’s brain, according to research published Monday.

A study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reinforces what many people had believed—babies hear what their moms say and their brains recognize these words after birth…

This paper does more than simply find that babies in utero can hear; it shows that babies can detect subtle changes and process complex information…

The finding support the idea that an unborn fetus can learn and remember just as well as a newborn, the researchers said. It may be worthwhile to expose babies to more sounds before they are even born.

“The better we know how the fetus’ brain works, the more we’ll know [about] early development of language,” Partanen says. “If we know better how language develops very early, we may one day be able to develop very early interventions [for babies with abnormal development].”