Friday, August 09, 2013

Planned Parenthood: At Least $12.5 Million in Waste, Abuse, and Tax Fraud

A couple of weeks ago, I reminded readers that Planned Parenthood kills preborn babies. And they kill thousands of preborn babies every year. 

"The killers who ply their grisly trade there use super-sharp knives, high-powered suction machines (25-30 times more powerful than your home vacuum cleaner), and various types of poisonous chemicals to insure 'fetal demise.'"

I then mentioned a few of the other evils conducted by the mega-abortion business.

"They work against any and all restrictions to abortion. They promote a 'sex education' campaign which enthusiastically promotes and enables premarital sexual activity (even among the very young). They work zealously for the weakening of parental authority, the marginalization of natural marriage, and the outright elimination of those moral values that are he hallmarks of Judaeo-Christian culture."

But, due to the brevity of that particular post, I forgot to mention another matter.

The abortionists of Planned Parenthood include some very greedy crooks.

Last week news broke that Planned Parenthood would be settling with Texas, repaying $1.4 Million for “fraudulently overbilling” the state’s Medicaid program. At the time we expected there was more to come. There was. The Texas settlement is only a portion of a larger settlement with the state and federal governments and Karen Reynolds, a former Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast employee who blew the whistle on its fraudulent billing. Planned Parenthood will actually repay $4.3 million to U.S. and Texas taxpayers to settle the fraud claims and an unspecified amount for Reynolds’ attorneys’ fees.

But while you are likely to hear very little about this in the media, this is not the first time that state or federal governments have determined that Planned Parenthood affiliates have engaged in waste, abuse and potential fraud with taxpayer dollars. In just a handful of publicly disclosed and very limited audits of Planned Parenthood affiliates, federal and state government auditors in New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Washington, California, and a previous audit in Texas have documented approximately $8.3 million in waste, abuse and possible fraud by America’s leading abortionist.

The grand total: Federal and state auditors and investigators have specifically tabbed Planned Parenthood affiliates with at least $12.5 million in waste, abuse, and “fraudulent overbilling” of taxpayers. (View the Alliance Defending Freedom full report on the state audits here.) Former Planned Parenthood employees and others allege many millions more. 

And yet Planned Parenthood will have the temerity to complain whenever a state suggests redirecting its taxpayer subsidies to true women’s healthcare providers. And much of the media will feign ignorance of Planned Parenthood’s dubious treatment of the taxpayers, puzzling at any effort to redirect its funds to providers with a more fiscally responsible (and woman’s health focused) track record...

Isn't time you contact your political representatives again and urge them to defund Planned Parenthood?