Monday, August 12, 2013

Morally Clueless: New Head of Evangelicals for Social Action Hails "Che Guevera Jesus"

Talk about a wolf in in sheep's clothing. How about a weasel?

Recently the new co-head of Evangelicals for Social Action (ESA) hailed a “Che Guevara Jesus” for heralding a new “revolutionary” way. The comparison is odd, since Che was a brutal Marxist-Leninist commander who was an enthusiastic torturer and prison keeper for Fidel Castro’s new Cuban communist dictatorship. He also was instrumental in bringing Soviet nuclear weapons to Cuba.

ESA has long been outspokenly pacifist, anti-nuke, and has condemned U.S. enhanced interrogation techniques during the War on Terror as “torture.” So in this embrace of Che, is ESA now backing armed combat, nukes and torture?! Probably not. But the comments from Paul Alexander, who teaches at Palmer Theological Seminary outside Philadelphia and is ordained in the Assemblies of God, don’t bode well for ESA’s future. Ron Sider, ESA’s founder and retiring long-time chief, was politically liberal and pacifist while still keeping ESA theologically orthodox and fairly reasonable. Although his rhetoric may have been more leftward in his earlier days, Sider likely didn’t hail a “Che Guevara Jesus.”

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