Monday, August 12, 2013

As the World Turns (Over & Under & Downward)

Because a bizarre (and often schizophrenic) form of political correctness dominates news coverage nowadays, you may well have missed these noteworthy dispatches from the culture wars.

* Zanzibar Acid Attack: Radical Islamic Group Blamed For Assault on Katie Gee and Kristie Trup (International Business Times) And here's a related story, "Zanzibar acid attack: Sheikh Issa Ponda wanted for inciting violence" (Daily Mirror) It's interesting to note that several of the news stories that followed this vicious attack made absolutely no mention of an Islamic motive.

* "Judge backs the right of creepy artist to photograph people through their windows" (New York Post

* "Study: Children’s Poor Motor, Social Skills Linked To Too Much Television Watching" (CBS Atlanta) Like this needed confirmation? Our grandmothers knew this way, way back -- and they didn't require a government-funded "study" to determine it either.

* "Church Pastor's Niece, 10, Gunned Down Leaving Sunday School Class, Dozens Injured as Attacks Against Egypt's Christians Continue" (CP Africa)

* "Amateur Hour (once again) starring Barack Obama" (Washington Times)