Friday, August 23, 2013

About Those Heaven Travelogues

Boy, am I sick and tired of these "I died and went to heaven and now I'm back to give you the straight skinny about the place because, unfortunately, the Lord made a mistake of not telling you enough in the Bible. It's a pretty cool spot: a lot of light, warm fuzzy feelings, and mellow know, Mantovani, Percy Faith kind of stuff. Oh yeah, there's angels too. Now, plonk down the $19.95 please."

A much better path? Read one (or both!) of these two books which carefully, respectfully, and gratefully detail the rich teaching about heaven contained in the Bible itself.  Read Joni Eareckson Tada's Heaven: Your Real Home and Randy Alcorn's Heaven.

Believe me, you will find both of these books an inspiring treasure.

And, for another take on these first-person celestial travelogues, please check out the following essays from pastor, researcher and acclaimed author Randy Alcorn over at the Eternal Perspective Ministries site.

* "Proof of Heaven and the Dangerous Downward Spiral of My-Visit-to-Heaven Books"

* "'Heaven Is for Real,' '90 Minutes in Heaven,' and other books about visits to Heaven or Hell"