Wednesday, June 12, 2013

That Oh-So-Polarizing Tim Tebow

While reading an ESPN report on Tim Tebow being signed by the New England Patriots, I couldn't help but notice that the reporter referred to him as "one of the NFL's most polarizing players."

Interesting. For remember Tim Tebow hasn't been caught holding orgies, bashing a girlfriend, driving drunk, doing drugs, gambling on games, trashing his teammates, missing practices, shooting anyone, tearing up a bar, outing details of sexual perversion, declaring bankruptcy, holding out for a bigger salary, having an ugly divorce, beating up a photographer, sending intimate pictures over his phone, or staging dog fights.

Indeed, Tim Tebow is an extremely nice guy and a hard-working, modest, decent, patient and loyal athlete.

So just why is he so polarizing?

Oh, yeah. He is a devout Christian.

Such is the state of culture in 21st America.