Monday, June 24, 2013

Britain's Girl Guides Go Mod, Drop God

For more than 100 years, Britain’s Girl Guides took an oath to “love God and serve the King/Queen.” But on Wednesday (June 19) the movement announced it would scrap its oath to God in an attempt to broaden its appeal and attract children from secular, nonbelieving families.

The controversial shake-up is seen by some as the biggest in the Girl Guides’ history.

Beginning in September, all new members who make the promise to be good and useful citizens will pledge an oath to “be true to myself and develop my beliefs” and “to serve my Queen (Elizabeth II) and my country.”...

The new CEO, Julie Bentley, called the Girl Guides the “ultimate feminist organization.”...

The Boy Scouts in Britain are also looking into the wording of their Oath of Loyalty, including how best to accommodate people who do not believe in God. A decision is expected next month.

(From "Britain’s Girl Guides drop oath to God" by Trevor Grundy, Religion News Service, via Washington Post)