Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Michelle “Could Take Up a Whole Afternoon Talking About Barack's Failures.”

Michelle Obama, speaking to high school grads in Tennessee yesterday, said about her husband, “I could take up a whole afternoon talking about his failures.”

Interesting little barb.

And more than a bit disconcerting since we can pretty much guarantee she wouldn't be counting among his failures Benghazi, dismantling the American military, appointing a slew of radical socialists and anti-American types to positions of high leadership, or the apology tours.

Neither is that afternoon of criticism likely to point to Fast & Furious, wasting taxpayer's funds on vacations and golf, blaming Republicans for his failures, or punishing whistle-blowers.

And what of the records America has set under her husband's tenure for food stamps, unemployment, gas prices, businesses going under; and the national debt? I don't think Michelle would even consider those subjects.

The IRS scandal certainly wouldn't be among that afternoon-long harangue. Neither would his woeful energy policy, sending the economy in the tank, promoting homosexual marriage, or his habit of exploiting tragedies and crises for personal gain.

There's also no doubt that Michelle would omit from her gripe list Barack's subverting the 2nd Amendment, manipulating a lapdog press, dissing our allies, going all out to defend (and provide gobs of cash) to Planned Parenthood, and telling lies like he was doing it for a living.

Praising Islam, protecting terrorists from even being criticized as such, refusing to acknowledge (let alone prosecute) voter fraud and intimidation? Nope. They won't be among Michelle's complaints about Barack. Neither would the disaster that is ObamaCare, the soiling of America's reputation among the nations, the failure to address the plight of persecuted Christians and other prisoners of conscience -- no, those won't ever be addressed.

Nor will the First Lady get on the First Husband's case about his depressingly poor performance when it comes to Israel, Syria, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, North Korea, Iran, China, Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia, Russia…or Arizona.

I'll bet she won't even bring up his lousy performance on the basketball court last month.

So, I'm really getting curious now.

Just what would that afternoon's worth of Barack's failures include?