Thursday, May 02, 2013

Francis & Edith Schaeffer Remembered

When I traveled to Swiss L’Abri as a 21-year-old, Francis and Edith Schaeffer and the work of L’Abri represented hope and, for many searching people, a last hope regarding the viability of Christianity. It was a hope I was ready to reject if it was fake or worked only in books. I was looking for something real, not something perfect.

In the formation of L’Abri, Edith and her husband created a setting that began to recover the Biblical insistence that people matter, ideas matter, creativity matters, and truth matters -– not as a private experience in a church building or prayer closet but as normative and factual information that is publicly actionable and applies across the whole of life. In a time when the secularized culture was fragmenting meaning and monopolizing power, and when Bible-affirming churches feared questions and avoided the Creator’s insistence on real-world applications, Edith Schaeffer and her husband challenged the status quo and said there is a better way, a more Biblical way, a more humane way...

Rick Pearcey's summary of the funeral of Edith Schaeffer and, more profound still, his compelling reflections on the life and legacy of Francis and Edith Schaeffer are not to be missed. Read "Death, Revolt, and Resurrection: A Tribute to Edith Schaeffer" right here.