Thursday, May 02, 2013

And Barack Obama Wants God to "Bless" Planned Parenthood?

Barack Obama, the abortionist's friend, a man who wouldn't even support a measure designed to save children who survived an abortion attempt, gave a formal address to Planned Parenthood last week.

His talk featured a lot of complements, a lot of pro-choice slogans, and a lot of outright lies.

And, not surprising, there were a few remarkably relevant words that his speech didn't mention at all -- words like eugenics, exploitation, racism, parental rights, criminal action, elitism, manipulation, taxpayer funding, cover-up, and, oh yes, abortion.

Rather disingenuous, huh? Especially when one realizes that Planned Parenthood's main business (by far) is abortion.

For all its talk about “women’s health” and “reproductive health services,” Planned Parenthood’s record number of abortions is an indication of Planned Parenthood’s absolute commitment to the priority, promotion, provision, and profit of abortion. 

And make no mistake about it: abortion is a huge profit center.  At going rates for a standard surgical abortion performed at 10 weeks, the 333,964 abortions Planned Parenthood performed represent an income of at least $150.6 million. And it is no secret that Planned Parenthood advertises and performs more expensive chemical and later surgical abortions, indicating that abortion revenues are likely considerably higher.

Collectively, the organization and its affiliates took in nearly $1.2 billion in revenues ($1,199,100,000 to be exact). Few will notice that  about one out of every nine women coming through the door will have an abortion! So much for abortion being a “tiny fraction” of PPFA’s business.