Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Listening to a Baby's Heartbeat? "Not at Planned Parenthood!"

One of our ever-recurring prayers over the years has been that God open the eyes and hearts of people working inside the cruel chambers of Planned Parenthood and other abortionists.

Here is one of the answers to those prayers.

...It happened one day when a young woman came in 20 weeks pregnant and bleeding. I examined her, listened with the monitor for the baby's heartbeat, and realized it wasn't beating. I sent her to the ER where they found that the baby had died. 

A few days later, Planned Parenthood's supervising Nurse Practitioner came to my office inquiring why I had used a fetal heart Doppler to allow my patient to hear her baby's heartbeat. When I said it was part of the routine prenatal exam, she said, "not at Planned Parenthood, it isn't! We do not allow the patients to hear the heartbeats of their baby because it may sway their decision."

When I commented that it was probably good in this instance because the patient got to the ER where she needed to be, she questioned why I did not send her to Dallas for an abortion. I said, "You would have done a sonogram and told her that her baby was dead." She said, "No we wouldn't have. By the time we do the sonogram, she has already signed consent for the abortion. We don't tell them if it is dead or alive, twins or triplets."...

From "A second chance: how God called me out of Planned Parenthood, to a crisis pregnancy center" over at LifeSiteNews.