Friday, April 19, 2013

"Fallen" by Little Bird Studios: A Free Download

"Fallen" is another of the superbly-crafted songs created by a longtime friend of Vital Signs Ministries who generously offers it as a free download throughout the month of May.

(But it's actually available right now too!)

Be forewarned -- the music produced by Little Bird Studios is not your typical church song or campfire chorus. They create true art: complex, careful, intellectual, and biblical. It is music which engages the mind as well as the spirit. You can listen to samples at the Studio website right here.

"Fallen" is an example of that craftsmanship. It courageously explores how the powers of darkness seek to mesmerize, dominate and, ultimately, damn the sons of men. It therefore serves as a profound wake-up call to the Church.

Again, the song is offered free to visitors to the Vital Signs Ministries website...although the song's creator does hope it leads you to consider making a contribution to Vital Signs Ministries in order to help us continue our fight against the enveloping darkness. A link to the form for contributions is there on the front page of the VSM website as is the link to the download of "Fallen." Check it out.