Wednesday, April 17, 2013

All the News That's Fit to Print: Ignoring the Horrors of Abortion

Refusing to report on the barbaric cruelty and injustice of abortion is, pun intended, "old news" to the American media. Indeed, the press not only refuses to deal with the lethal realities of abortion (Have you yet seen the mainstream media print pictures of abortion's results?), it actually acts as an arm of the abortion industry, aggressively fighting for such things as public funding of abortion, free access by minors to surgical and chemical abortions, the inclusion of abortion in foreign aid, elimination of any and all restrictions on abortion, and a total denial of abortion's long term damages to women, families and culture.

Yet even with this history of abortion zealotry, a new low has been struck with the media blackout of one of "the most shocking medical malpractice and human rights violations stories in recent U.S. history." The Kermit Gosnell horror story has been playing out in a Philadelphia courtroom for a month now but you wouldn’t know it if your only source of news came from the "mainstream" news organizations. 

Here, however, are four excellent articles from "the alternative media" (practically the only place where genuine journalism survives nowadays) that do explore this double injustice...and do it responsibly and well.

* "Quiet, please. Complacency at work!" by Carolyn Moynihan. (Mercator)

...The New York Times used a similar tactic when the Gosnell scandal first broke in January 2011. As Michael Cook pointed out at the time, they buried the story in the back of the paper and instead prominently displayed a feature that began: “Congratulations, New York City, did you hear the news? … This is officially the abortion capital of America.” You can’t state your priorities more brashly than that...

* "Unspeakable Things Unspoken" by the Editors of National Review Online.

...Television networks and major newspapers have been slow to cover this case; they are turning to it only now, after having been browbeaten by pro-life critics. The defense some journalists are making for ignoring the story — that conservative media outlets have paid it little attention either — is both false (we have given it plenty of coverage) and rather damning (the Washington Post may not be what it once was, but surely it has a few more resources to deploy than does NR). Another defense, that the story is too disgusting for reporters or the news-consuming public, would have weight if nobody had covered, for example, the Sandusky crimes...

* "An Abortion Ghoul's Chamber of Horrors" by Ken Connor. (A superb column.)

...And, of course, the mainstream media has largely ignored the story. They don't want to know – and they don't want you to know – where their logic leads, and so they too have cast a blind eye and a deaf ear to the abhorrent facts of this case. Their silence is a tacit endorsement of Gosnell's practice.

To say we've fallen down a dark and dreadful rabbit hole is an understatement. Powerful forces are arrayed against those who champion the protection of innocent life. The culture has betrayed us, the media is in bed with the doctors of death and their radical feminist apologists, and the courts are well on their way down the same path…

* "An Abortionist's Unglamorous Victims" by Ashley Herzog. (Syndicated column.)

...It’s not hard to understand why viewers would avoid the Gosnell story. For starters, it exposes the gruesomeness of late-term abortions, which involve killing and dismembering fetuses in a much more brutal procedure (euphemistically called “dilation and evacuation”) than Gosnell’s method. Half of America voted for a president who supports late-term abortions, and voted against the Born Alive Infants Protection Act on the grounds that it would undermine abortion rights.

Who wants to turn on CNN and confront such a reality?

No, we prefer stories that titillate and entertain. We have wall-to-wall coverage of Jodi Arias, a lone nut who admits to killing her boyfriend in Arizona, but a blackout on Kermit Gosnell...