Thursday, March 07, 2013

"Comprehensive" Sex Ed Planned for Nebraska

The Nebraska Family Council (along with the other pro-life, pro-family groups in Nebraska) are urging citizens to contact the State Senators on the Education Committee and urge them to vote against LB 619, a  bill that would force every public school district in the state to teach the kind of "comprehensive" sex education that delights Planned Parenthood.

You must act soon because the hearing date on this bill is March 12th.

As the NFC points out, LB 619 would require all public schools to add information to their curriculum "on how to use every type of contraceptive method approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This would include the morning after pill which causes early abortions."

Furthermore, the instruction material "cannot be biased against any sexual orientation or gender identity.  Students will be taught that any type of sexual activity is appropriate, such as homosexuality and cross-dressing. Students will be taught how to have healthy heterosexual, homosexual and gender identity sexual relationships."

You see why your action is urgent. Contact the Education Committee members and ask them to vote against LB 619.

Kate Sullivan (Chair) --
Jim Scheer (Vice Chair) --
Bill Avery --
Tanya Cook --
Al Davis --
Ken Haar (who introduced the bill) --
Rick Kolowski --
Les Seiler --

If you had rather use the phone, the numbers can be found at this NFC article.