Thursday, February 14, 2013

Vital Signs Through the Years

Yesterday afternoon Claire and I were interviewed by two charming and impressive young women from Omaha Christian Academy who are engaged in a project dealing with the pro-life movement. We had figured they needed 8 or 10 minutes with us (a couple of facts, a couple of quotes) but we ended up spending 90 minutes in very pleasant conversation there in the school cafeteria.

Their interest was widespread. They wanted to know about the origins of Vital Signs Ministries, about our personal lives, our motivations, our various activities. They wanted stories about sidewalk counseling, about travel, about our friends, about civil disobedience, about the CPC, about our service in the nursing homes, about the spiritual values we bring to the battle...and more.

Also, we realized quickly on that the interview had become more than just an academic exercise. The girls were deeply interested, asked relevant questions, expressed genuine compassion as we told certain stories and, when we finally said we had to get going, the girls came around the table and gave Claire a big hug and thanked us enthusiastically for our ministry over the last 30 years.

It was a nice experience for Claire and I because I'm afraid that we rarely stop and take a look back. But when we do, we are always encouraged that our work has indeed made a difference. And so we are grateful to Brandy and Erin for the opportunity not only to share things with them...but a chance for Claire and I to again appreciate the work the Lord has performed in this ministry.

By the way, amid all of the review of Vital Signs, we also challenged the girls to make their project a foundation for ongoing pro-life ministry at the school. Specifically, we encouraged them to start planting seeds of information, inspiration and organization to get a strong Omaha Christian Academy presence at the next Life Chain in Omaha and the Walk for Life in Lincoln. Wouldn't that be terrific!