Friday, February 22, 2013

This is What Passes for "Informed Consent" at Notorious Abortionist's Business

Jill Stanek has posted a one-page sheet that late-term abortionist Leroy Carhart (a media darling though a brutal and buffoonish character) hands out to his…uh…patients. Carhart's amateurish rendering of what purports to be "informed consent" would be comical were it not so sinister and tragic.

Stanek's article is an important one, particularly as it reveals just how cheap, how shoddy, and how perfidious are abortionists. Though the rhetoric is all about choice and women's health, the general reality of the abortion industry is immoral, unskilled, and uncaring people exploiting women for profit.

Jill concludes her article with this, "Comparing Carhart’s abortion induction protocol to my experience with a hospital’s labor induction protocol for mothers carrying babies the same gestational age (including mothers of younger babies who had died) leaves me shocked. How Third World this man is. Do abortion proponents really stand by this standard of “informed” consent?"