Monday, December 17, 2012

The Newest Chemical "Answer" to Unplanned Pregnancies...Isn't.

Plan B and Ella, among other drugs, have been touted lately as being the answer to unplanned pregnancies. If you have unprotected sex, it’s no problem. Just pop one of these pills on the “morning after” and you are good to go. Or so women have been told.

Since their release, various groups have been attempting to loosen the requirements to obtain these drugs. They have been successful in changing them from prescription to over-the-counter...

But just what's missing in most of the media discussions on this topic? For instance, what are the side-effects of these powerful drugs? What about long term health problems to the women using them? Are the drugs entirely contraceptive or do they sometimes cause very early abortions? And perhaps the most obvious to be considered, given the vaunted claims of the drug manufacturers, are these drugs really reducing the rate of unwanted pregnancies?

Barb Malek, author, blogger, and one of the directors of the AAA Center for Pregnancy Counseling, understands that such questions are critically relevant and she's not afraid to examine them closely.

Check out her essay right here.