Tuesday, December 04, 2012

"In China, No One Is Safe"

The video clip I post below features Chinese human rights champion Chen Guangcheng in an address made for Human Rights Day coming up on December 10th. It is important viewing indeed.

In his remarks, Chen underlines the terrible injustices that continue in Communist China: the forced abortion policy, persecution of house churches and the Falun Gong, slave labor camps, torture and execution of prisoners of conscience, and more.

As Chin puts it, "In China, no one is safe."

Chen's message is actually directed to several different groups. For instance, he makes open appeals to Chinese government officials who, under the banner of maintaining stability actually maintain a "red terror." He says, "The stubborn force of Chinese authorities has shown its true face, declaring 'I have to stay above the constitution and the law. What can you do to stop me? I am in power.'" and "How can you rule the country with justice when you yourself are crooked?"

He specifically asks Tibetan nationalists to forge self-immolation.

He urges the Chinese people to stay courageous and unified and hopeful.

And he entreats foreign leaders (and individual citizens around the world) to give both voice and actions to the cause of human rights. "How can the international community turn a blind eye to the crimes committed by the Chinese Communist Party? How can leaders of the free world keep silent, watching the blood and tears of fellow human beings flow? How can world leaders remain unmoved?" and "Citizens of the world, let your voice be heard in support of justice."