Monday, December 03, 2012

Fleeing from History

Here's another "guest column" from Jack Niewold.

In January of this year, Hungary promulgated a new constitution that pays specific homage to the country’s Christian heritage. As expected, a number of artists and intellectuals, some of them Jewish, headed for the exits and have been outspoken in their fears that Hungary is on its way to fascism.

The great pianist Andras Schiff is one of them. He’s even renounced his Hungarian citizenship. To hear him speak, you’d think it actually was Christianity that perpetrated the really horrible experiences of the 20th century.

Like I’ve said a number of times, if you think religious zeal is dangerous for your freedom, wait till you see what secularism has in store for you.

Oh, and Mr. Schiff’s favorite composer? Johann Sebastian Bach, the most pious of pious Christians.

(The photo above shows the Hungarian royal crown.)