Monday, December 03, 2012

Congressional Republicans, Don't Let Obama Bully You.

Freshly reelected, the president wants to exploit a crisis again. This time it’s the fiscal cliff mess. His plan would avoid the cliff, but at the cost of strangling the economy. Republicans are wary of mounting full-throttle opposition, especially to Obama’s bid to raise taxes on the rich. But that’s what is required, and it will benefit them​—​and the country​—​in the end.

Republicans are in a stronger position than in 2009. Obama isn’t. He won reelection thanks to a negative campaign of historic proportions. He has no mandate. And now he’s made the mistake of thinking he’s more popular and powerful than he really is. This is how second terms crumble...

Read the rest of Fred Barnes Weekly Standard article, "Don’t Go Wobbly." And then, like I did, please forward it to your Congressmen and Senators. They're the ones who really need to read it!