Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Demise of Christian Stewardship

From "Frail Web of Intention" author, Jack Niewold:

The Wall Street Journal reports that a mere 333,000 votes spread among several critical state races might have won the Republicans both the presidency and the Senate. Those of you in states such as Wisconsin, Massachusetts and Missouri could have made a difference—had you voted.

I have never liked the easy evangelical piety that tells me that "God is in Charge." No, He has put us in charge. He has made us the stewards of this world's history, cultures and civilizations. Now, I realize that politics isn't everything, that human laws and governance are, in a sense, downstream from even more fundamental moral and spiritual realities.

But the opposite is also true, as Abraham Kuyper once wrote. He said that good laws and social policies can make the spread of the gospel more effective and pave the way for broader religious consciousness. Law may only be law, but it is still a Teacher of morals and manners.

It seems we are now condemned to another four years of class warfare, incompetent leadership, and ideological, cultural and intellectual impoverishment. America by 2016 will likely be dumber, poorer and meaner than it is today, and that's saying something. And to one degree or another, some of you evangelical pietists out there, the ones telling me that I am too political, too dogmatic, too negative, are responsible for this.

Typically, only a quarter of evangelical Christians even bother to vote. This year it may have been even fewer.

We Christians seem to be polarizing into two camps: wackos completely out of contact with the world, and wannabes completely in love with it. Take your pick: you’re equally irrelevant.

I'm not okay with this sorry state of affairs. I’m not about to get over it.