Monday, November 05, 2012

For My Principled Friends Who Will Not Vote for Romney

I have a few Christian friends (at least I hope they're still my friends) who plan tomorrow on voting for a third party candidate, or a write-in candidate, or in foregoing altogether the opportunity to vote.

They think I'm wrong to be voting for the Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan ticket, let alone actually encouraging others to do the same. They believe that I'm being inconsistent with other values I hold, that I'm adopting an unbliblical utilitarian strategy, that I'm being co-opted by a statist philosophy, that I'm failing to take the long view, and so on.

They may not believe me, but I do understand their feelings. I'm even sympathetic with some of them. I am, after all, a lifelong Independent and Christian pro-life activist who knows a little about spiritual values, courage of conviction, taking unpopular positions, withstanding pressures to compromise, and even sitting in jail for civil disobedience.

But I will be voting Republican tomorrow.

Throughout the campaign, I have provided here various resources to help people make informed, principled decisions about the election -- an election which, because of the prospect of another four years of Barack Obama, will be the most dramatically critical of my long lifetime.

A few of those resources have spoken specifically to that small circle of my Christian friends who believe a vote for Romney is foolish, counter-productive, or even wicked. As another act of friendship (hoping that the friendship survives whatever they decide to do with the issues raised in these various articles), I provide links to some those (as well as a couple of newer items) below.

* Dr. Joel Beeke, author, president of Puritan Reformed Seminary, and Professor of Systematic Theology and Homiletics at that same institution has written a very interesting essay, "Why My Conscience Won’t Let Me Not Vote for Romney."

* Christianity & Politics: Some Crucial Questions by Randy Alcorn (Also, since this post, Randy has two more in his series right here at his blog.)

* Why Would a Christian Vote for a Mormon President? (This is my own essay.)

* Famed Christian Apologist Is Voting for Romney