Monday, November 05, 2012

Before You Go To The Polls, Please Consider These Items.

* The average share of the American debt for every American under the age of 18 is now…take a deep breath, kids…$218,676. And growing more every day.

* "Five hundred retired generals and admirals are running an ad in Monday's editions of The Washington Times calling on the country to elect Republican Mitt Romney on Tuesday…The retired admirals and generals said they decided to take this public stand to try to head off 'having to live through four more years of what has been experienced since January 20th, 2009.'"

* The mayor of Somerville, Massachusetts has banned the use of the term “illegal” when referring to…uh, illegal aliens. Added his honor, "We made it clear here that whatever your status is, wherever you’re from, we are your mayor, we’re your aldermen, this is your city and we’re here to service you."

* Here's a report from Katie Pavlic, News Editor for Town Hall, describing the takeover of an entire polling place by Obama backers of the NAACP in Houston, Texas.

* What did you think about that stirring demonstration by black citizens the other night in Chicago, a demonstration against Mayor Emanuel, ACORN, Action Now, intolerant unions, and an unresponsive media? Oh, that's right. You never saw any coverage of that demonstration -- even though it occurred right outside the ABC news station!

* "Perrysburg police arrested four Toledo area men early Friday morning on charges of stealing Mitt Romney campaign signs in Wood and Lucas counties in Northwest Ohio. The signs were found in a pickup truck owned by Sheet Metal Workers International, Union Local 33 in Parma, according to the police report."

* Over 30 major newspapers that endorsed Barack Obama in 2008 have decided to spurn him and plump for Mitt Romney instead. They included the New York Daily News, the Nashville Tennessean, the Des Moines Register, and the Orlando Sentinel. The two latest defectors are the Albuquerque Journal and the Wisconsin State Journal, the latter published in that bastion of liberalism, Madison.