Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The "Abortion and Promiscuity Enablement Center" (aka Planned Parenthood)

Claire and I spent part of our morning praying in front of the "Abortion and Promiscuity Enablement Center" located on North 93rd Street.

Of course, the place is better known as Planned Parenthood.

We were there to give public witness against the exploitation, blasphemy and lethal violence that constitutes PP's regular business. We believe that Christians must never allow such evils as those perpetrated by Planned Parenthood to go without principled protest. If we were to do so, all of the Church's talk about standing for righteousness, justice and mercy would be rightly seen as hypocritical cant.

We were there also to provide factual information about abortion and abortion alternatives to would-be clients. For Planned Parenthood doesn't tell women the facts. They're in the business of selling abortion -- and they sell an awful lot of 'em -- and they don't let things like the facts of fetal development, the facts of abortion's danger, or the facts about abortion's enduring damage to a woman's psyche and soul to get in the way of their business.

And regarding abortion alternatives? Though pro-life, pro-woman pregnancy help centers must carry on without government funds, without profits of any kind (they are charities), and without even moral support from media, business and (too often) churches, they way outnumber abortion clinics. The alternatives are there and there are a lot of people willing to step up with real information, free ultrasounds, adoptive help, parenting programs, financial help, job training, spiritual resources, and so many other fruits of genuine compassion.

And we also stand in front of sad, sickening abortion mills like Planned Parenthood in order to pray. We pray for conversions of heart. We pray for deliverance of individuals even as we pray for judgment against the violent system. And we pray for spiritual reformation in Western culture.

We've been praying for these things outside abortion clinics for 30 years and, for most of those years, we've enjoyed the presence of a few like-minded Christian servants. Two of those standout champions of life were with us today, Carol Moran and Quint Coppi. And I suppose that makes yet a fourth reason for us to engage in such a ministry; that is, to be stimulated and encouraged by the fellowship of spiritual heroes. For, believe me; the fellowship of such saints is well worth hitting the streets for.