Friday, September 21, 2012

If Fair's Fair in the NFL, Shouldn't It Be So in the Media Too?

Warner Todd Huston sees an important lesson in the National Football League yanking a referee from last Sunday’s Saints vs Panthers game after being alerted to the fact that the ref's Facebook revealed he was a huge Saints fan.

Asks Huston, "One wonders if the Old Media establishment should do the same thing with its political coverage?…The League felt it was a clear conflict of interest and decided that the ref could not be a fair judge of a game featuring his favorite team. One would hope that the Old Media would take a lesson from the NFL. Shouldn’t the media bench anyone that is blatantly rooting for Obama and the Democrats?"

"Of course," Huston concludes, "if the Old Media were to bench every biased, left-wing journalist because of his obvious lean to the left, there may not be may of them left to do the reporting!"