Thursday, August 23, 2012

СЖЛ Ресурсы -- Another One of Vital Signs' Ministries

One of the less-known outreaches of Vital Signs Ministries is СЖЛ Ресурсы, our web site where Bible study material, pro-life information and sermon notes are available in Russian. Developed initially as a way to stay in touch with friends in Belarus (where I've made 11 visits over the years for speaking engagements and to teach courses at a Bible school) and Russia (alas, I've only been there once), СЖЛ Ресурсы continues to develop thanks to a good friend who provides inexpensive translation work...and to visionary supporters of Vital Signs Ministries who understand the importance of providing such materials for those who have little or no access whatever to them.

I thought I'd mention it this morning to remind readers of Vital Signs Blog that as time-consuming as blogging can be, it is just a bit of what VSM is all about. There is the prayer and sidewalk counseling ministry; the "When Swing Was King" presentations in the nursing homes and assisted living facilities; the letter-writing events; the networking and discipleship activities; a variety of educational/motivational services including meetings, speaking, media and publications; the maintenance of the websites; and more.

We are certainly grateful for your prayers and any financial support you and/or your church might be able to share to help us keep going strong. Thanks.